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Ignited and Fired UpIgnited and Fired Up

Ignited and fired up is a must read for youth all over the world.  Author Joshua Giles compels readers to pursue God with a passion.  He teaches readers of the importance of having a hunger and thirst after God.  It is this type of hunger that provokes God to demonstrate his power.  Through this book Joshua strongly declares that God is raising up the NEXT generation of warriors!  He prophetically articulates that God will use your sons and daughters to bring about change to this world!


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The Spirit of Raid The Spirit of Raid

The Spirit of God revealed an ominous spirit that has been terrorizing the Body of Christ.  The spirit of raid searches intensely for a crack, for a way to get in.  Through guerrilla warfare and hit-and-run raids this spirit infiltrates.  It has a mission to seek and destroy and ultimately shut down ministries and churches.  Through this powerful book Joshua Giles reveals how to defeat the spirit of raid.  When you read this book you will know how to pray concerning your church or ministry.  No longer will the enemy be able to prevail against the people of God!


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Commanding ElementsCommanding the Elements (New)

As a prophet, author, Joshua Giles understands what it means to speak to the elements.  There have been several moments where God has given him the assignment to speak to the atmosphere and it responds.  In the midst of droughts God has used Joshua to prophesy rain and the heavens yielded and released.  He teaches that prophets and prophetic people have been given this ability under the instructions of God.  Through this book God uses him to reveal how you can take your ability to speak and declare the Word of God and the elements must obey!


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Numbers "The Hidden Meanings"Numbers “The Hidden Meanings” (New)

Do you want to know the hidden meanings behind the numbers?  Does God often deal with you concerning numbers but you don’t quite know what they mean?  If you are asking these kinds of questions, then this is the book for you.  Joshua Giles exhaustively examines what the meanings of numbers are.  In this book he also reveals a special topic in which God spoke to him called the Gift of Numbers!  This is a must read for all prophets and prophetic people.  Your eyes will be opened to see numbers in a whole new light!


$12.49 plus shipping and handling

PIT - Prophet In Training P.I.T. “Prophet In Training”

Have you been called to the ministry of a prophet? Do you need more clarity on what it really means to be a prophet?  If so, then this is the prophetic handbook for you! Journey with Prophet Joshua through the prophetic process and learn how to walk in the calling that God has given you.  In this book Joshua talks about the pit experience that all prophets must endure.  Find out how to endure and make it through your seasons of training.


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The Dream World

Are you a dreamer and want to understand what you see?  Well, this is the must read book for all dreamers.  You will learn about the “night realm.”  In addition you will learn about how to discern when it is God showing you something verses a demonic encounter.  This book is filled with revelatory knowledge and insight. Explore “The Dream World!”

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