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What is KRev?

Kingdom Revolution (KRev) is a diverse culture of kingdom people that have been assigned to overthrow the kingdom of darkness.  It is our mandate to impact the world through systematic infiltration.  We are the people of light that God has caused to infiltrate the darkness.  As Jesus commissioned his disciples, he also commissioned us to proclaim that the Kingdom of God is at hand.  This is our assignment, our purpose; it is why we exist!

KRev was birthed through a passion and a desire for more of God.  We can no longer sit back and just experience church.  But there is a chosen people that sincerely believe that it is our time to possess the kingdom.  Out of places of obscurity we rise up to do what God has commissioned us to do.

Luke 17:21b (Amp) states, “For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you [in your heart] and among you [surrounding you].  The definition of kingdom is a territory or realm ruled and governed by a king.  Therefore, wherever God  (the king of kings) reigns, you will find the kingdom.  Because Jesus Christ dwells within us, the kingdom is within us and everywhere we go!  For this reason, we have been chosen to initiate a revolution.  The definition of revolution is “A Forcible Overthrow.”   This revolution did not just begin, but it was started in the days of John the Baptist.  Matt 11:12 (KJV) exclaims, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.  Now, force means strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.  It also means an influence tending to change the motion of the body.  Force comes from the Latin word fortis and it means ‘strong.’  Through the power of God we are creating movement within the Body of Christ.

As aforementioned, our motto is “a forcible overthrow.”  Overthrow means to remove forcibly from power and to put an end to.  KRev has a kingdom assignment to forcibly remove the enemy from his power in the earth and bring his kingdom to an end!  By doing so, we proclaim that the Kingdom of the most high God is at hand!

KRev has an array of ministries
designed to initiate a
Kingdom Revolution on earth

KRev Magazine

KRev Magazine (KRM) is unlike any magazine you have ever read before!  It is a creative publication designed especially for this generation of young warriors.  KRM infuses real life issues with sound Biblical strategies to impact lives around the world.  In this magazine the young prophetic voices SPEAK!

Mall Ministry

God has given us a vision to be active in modern day marketplace ministry.  We believe that malls are breeding grounds for soul winning.  So many types and cultures of people gather in malls.  For this reason, it is a “HOT SPOT” for God to demonstrate his power!  The motto of our modern day marketplace ministry is “Impacting the world one mall at a time.”


KRev TV is an Apostolic Media Ministry that is being projected to the nations.  Reaching the world through video production and film is our goal.  We design cutting edge materials that release the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom!

Prophetic Prayer

At KRev we believe that prayer is our most powerful tool.  Prayer and intercession has been underrated in the Body of Christ.  There is not enough emphasis placed on the importance of it.  Here at KRev this is the tool that fuels us.  Before we are called to any other ministry, we believe that we have been called the ministry of prayer!

KRev Events

We believe that God has commissioned us to host life-changing events that would impact our communities, cities, states, and the nations.  At KRev events we release the love of Jesus Christ to the lost.  We help to train and strengthen warriors.  We help to lay the foundation for building people!  So stay tuned… a KRev event may be coming near you!


Kingdom Blast (K-Blast) is a weekly e-mail that we send to those who have joined the revolution!  Our weekly e-mails are filled with cutting edge material.  We release God’s prophetic instruction, inspiring and encouraging words, and what’s new with KRev.  Click here to be added to our K-Blast.


The KRev Team Ministry (KRev TM) has been trained to operate as a prophetic team.  KRev TM travels abroad ministering, training, teaching, and prophetically activating the people of God.  God has mantled KRev TM with a special anointing for the NEXT generation of warriors.  We believe that we are catalysts used of God to initiate a Kingdom Revolution in the earth!